Dazzling Woman of Power LLC

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Mission Statement:

Dazzling Woman of Power (DWP) is an empowerment movement for woman of all ages and backgrounds created to connect, educate, support and ultimately inspire to become an exceptional women for all generations. DWP focuses on women to sparkle through fitness and health, networking, positive events and volunteerism.

                                       Dazzle Highlights:

Dazzle Social 

July 6, 2013 Taverna Plaka Resturant 

Opa! What an awesome time ladies! Dancing, food and fellowship! Certificate of Radiance presented to every woman to encourage them to keep "shinning" and be dazzling in all they do! Sunflowers naturally turn to the sun for warmth and to grow from sunrise to sunset. Let's continue to follow the sun.

Dazzle Spotlight- Mothers

Mothers are so precious to us in empowering us to stand and be elegant.   Our mothers give us guidance and push us to be the very best. We are called to honor our parents every day because they are special, unique and our 1st teacher. Here is a picture of my mother and I posing at the Emory Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Party sponsored by The World of Coca-Cola.

Dazzle Announcements: 2014 Vision and Collage Party

A vision board is a simple but powerful visualization tool that activates the universal law of attraction to begin manifesting your dreams into reality.